Tejano Heroes of the Republic of Texas 1836


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4:58am 04-01-2017
My sister, Angelita Montalbo Hernandez passed away over a decade ago. I visit this page often, with great pride, and awe of what she accomplished of our family genealogy and Heritage with her research.
10:40pm 01-06-2017
looking for anything regarding a texas ranger (Juan Cruz Guerra or Garra)who was involved in a killing of a sort in mexico during on or around late 1800 story is he live in mexico and after killing a man he retreated to usa and possibly changed his name to guerra,,, his son would be my grand father, Juan Cruz Guerra II, of austin texas.
5:30pm 06-02-2016
I'm eager to learn about my ancestors and the pride that has followed through the years. I will be visiting this site as often as I can to gain as much information as possible to pass on to my children and grandchildren so that too will feel a great sense of pride as I do to be part of this great country of ours.
9:39am 02-24-2016
Excellent read very informative. My only wish would be for our Texas schools and universities to teach this to our kids. Also my mother's maiden name is Delgado
5:10pm 10-17-2015
so glad that folks like you are re-telling and setting the records straight about the history of the Texas Revolution, so that Hispanics at large can see what our ancestors also did for freedom sake, and that the story of the Revolution can been also seen through Hispanic eyes. Descendant of "Cresencio Montes".
4:35pm 10-01-2015
I am proud to be a tejano, or a chicano, if it wouldn't been for our Tejano Heroes of the Republic of Texas, we wouldn't be here, Tejanos 4 Life.
10:30pm 01-02-2015
My great grand uncle Juan Ramon Zepeda(Cepeda) and family died in the 1921 flood in San Antonio where the Apache, Alazan Creeks empty into the S.San Pedro Creek along Laredo St. Many years before that the Cepedas had enlarged the creek beds to prevent flooding.
4:41pm 12-10-2014
my great great grandfather melition (pedro) montalbo from montrey, mx. married balbina laso died in san antonio,tx,buried in san fernando cementery#2 I would like to know if your fam. is realed I do not know where bablina laso came from,,my father is alfoonso F. montalbo son of theodore who is son of meliton pedro,i sure need some help thanks!
5:44pm 07-20-2014
I am extremely impressed at the total amount of information, graphics, links, etc. that can be found on your webpage. Thank you so much for "educating" me, a life-long Tejana. I am a DAR, and my lineage is the DELGADO family.
10:01am 04-22-2014
I am proud to be a tejano y chicano. I am the grandson of Eduvigues Perez
and Soledad Villareal Perez from Berclair Texas. I have lived in the state of Indiana since 1967. I am a very proud Tejano.
9:51pm 01-11-2014
Great research and history
9:53am 12-08-2013
Liked your site very.
Charles Flowers (Carlos Flurez)
Editor www.texasfirsthand.com and Waxahachiejournal.com
11:51pm 09-01-2013
Did Juan Seguin have a sister named Maria? I ask this because this is the name of the woman that my gggrandfather married and I believed her to be a Mexican national. Please respond and thank you for your time. By: Charlane Meyer, all rights reserved, without prejudice, sui juris, void of fealty.
11:46pm 09-01-2013
I know that my ancestor Heinrich Meyer was a part of the battle of the Alamo with Juan Seguin and found reference to Johann Heinrich Meyer for which the Daughters of the Republic of Texas appear to have concealed. My ggrandfather, Friederich Meyer (Fritz Meyer) is buried at Lone Oak Cemetery in Gernomino. I believe that my gggrandfather became a Mexican national and had the original Alamo land grant and there is a lot of documentation that seems to be problematic and I intend to make THE TRUTH KNOWN. If you have any information about Johann Heinrich Meyer, please respond. By: Charlane Meyer, all rights reserved, without prejudice, sui juris, void of fealty.
2:32pm 01-11-2013
Christians by the Grace of God
Gentlemen thanks to our Spanish Decent
Noble Lords from our Indian Ancestry
Mexicans by Pride and Tradiotion
and Americans by Destiny
Thus we are Mexican Americans
Y No le Pedimos Nada a Nadie!
Carlos P Hernandez (Tejano)
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